Publicerad: 2017-02-15
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OP3 & RUNES släpper albumet "Awss"

OP3 is an ambient and atmospheric music journey, borrowing elements from different genres of music such as modern classical composition, jazz, electro and folk rhythms all coming together to provide the listener with a unique audio experience. When it comes to the live aspect of the project, these elements combined with a strong narrative, poetry and literature are coming to life by a small cast of actors flattered by the outstanding background visuals and artistically placed light show. An OP3 live show is a unique form of art one should experience.

AWSS (Autumn.Winter.Spring.Summer) is a collaboration between OP3 & Runes (Manchester, UK) that features vocals for the very first time. Minimalistic piano themes, a beautifully haunting string quartet and some well structured electronics became the perfect basis for some deep, heartfelt and ethereal at times vocals by the amazing Runes. With OP3 mainly focusing on composing the music, Runes took over the lyrics and made the tracks come to life by delicately using vocals, voices and poetry. The concept of ‘AWSS’ takes the listener to a journey as the passing of the season occurs through a story of love, pain, loss and recovery. Five songs, one year, one story, many voices.

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